“It’s tough to make predictions. Especially about the future!”




What if you could see into the future by just one day?

Digital Glyde Uses its Predicitive Analysis and Machine Learning Platform to Predict the Future

By adding Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning elements, Digital Glyde built a platform that is adding significant value for electric utilities. The Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) for prediction of tomorrow’s electrical demand can fluctuate wildly during peak events like hot Texas heat waves and unexpected winter storms.

Over half of Texas electricity providers are bankrupt after winter storm Uri when prices soared from $30 to $9,000 per kilowatt hour. Forecast accuracy was over 3x times better for utilities using the Innowatts platform created by Digital Glyde. This gave clients like Direct Energy insights needed to avoid massive expenses by hedging their costs. Direct Energy survived Uri profitably and is taking market share from those who didn’t.

TopGun fighter pilot trainer, Col. Boyd coined a key concept for winning dogfights which is also used effectively in business, OODA Loop – whoever can Observe, Orient, Decide and Act faster on the most complete data wins. You can improve your OODA by orienting your business quickly to capitalize on changes before they happen.  Read more about Col. Boyd and the OODA Loop here.

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