Team of Experienced Professionals

Certified in the use of cloud technologies

Varun Garg

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Why Digital Glyde

Working in the energy industry for so long, I have always encountered the “Technology Gap”. When I would travel to various places—such as the bay area—for technology conferences, I would find so much cool technology in the works. As we use commercial applications like Facebook in our daily lives, we notice that they are far more advanced and utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and other progressive technologies. However, when you look at the actual implementation of these technologies in the energy business field, there is a big “Technology Gap”. That’s why I have created DigitalGlyde to narrow this technology gap.

We are here to work with you to make the work environment a better place with the use of innovative technologies.

Client Engagement / Sales

Kirk Osborn
Chief Client Officer

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Delivery Team Onsite

Certified in the use of cloud technologies

Sandeep Ghosh
Delivery Manager

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Trilok Veligeti
Delivery Manager

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Delivery Team Remote

Certified in the use of cloud technologies

Surinder Singh

Saurabh Dhiman

Mahesh Maharana


Raj Sheshadri
Cloud Security

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Diana McCranie
Oil & Gas Expert

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Board of Directors

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Our founder Varun is a tenured architect and technologist with a proven track record of leading companies into the future. With a firm affinity for technology, ensure organizations are leveraging the latest and greatest technical advancements to impact all levels of business and operations

Staff Augmentation Services

Digital Gylde was established in 2020 with roots ranging back to 2004. Our “Digital Transformation” strategy helps to build our expertise with a number of in-house developers & data scientists. We are using it to serve the clients with a high level of excellence. Our accelerator model ensures the delivery of the innovative projects. We have used the latest and greatest technologies in the development of our products which accelerates the delivery of the custom software solutions for our clients. We continue to evolve our products with the usage of the most advanced technologies which help us with the delivery of solutions to the customers custom od direct product usage.

Our company is a global technology service company which is situated in Houston (USA) with Offshore development centers in India. It is an established technology service and outsourcing company delivering State-Of-The-Art services to any complexity of clients globally. Our clients are of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises who realize that they need professional technology solutions to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels, or streamline business operations. Our products are in use worldwide.