Agile Development

We provide a methodology for Aigle Development creating a mixture of teams



From Staff Aug to setting up your software factory

Custom Solution Development

Democratization of the technologies

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Strategy Edifice
  • Digital Transformation Vigilance
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Staff Augmentation Services

Staff Augmentation

Extend your team dynamically

  • Cloud focussed
  • Cloud certified resources
  • Delivery Models to suit your needs
  • Different Engagement models to match up to the requirements
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Expert resources on demand
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Digital Oil Field

Digitizing Oil Industry

  • And the point of all this? Timely information leads to better decisions and productivity gains
  • Cost savings are tangible. Shell believes that the value of its ‘Smart Fields’ implementation over a five-year period was US$ 5 billion
  • Lower costs, more efficient reservoir management and fewer mistakes during well drilling will in turn raise profits
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Operational Control Center

We can provide a lot of different types of resources to do remote monitoring.

Security Camera Monitoring

Do you want monitoring services 24/7 on your facility. We can even add computer vision and make it smarter to detect something that you want to detect.

Well Monitoring Services

Want to get a gauge monitored and an alert sent, may be even watch the dashboard for some alarms. Want to make sure a human pays attention to something and takes and action.