Data as a Service

Handle your data quickly and low-cost effectively without losing the data quality


Data as a Service

Handle your data quickly and low-cost effectively without losing the data quality


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Data anywhere and everywhere

In the growing Digital world those having data in hand are the most powerful, one can use the data for prediction, strategy making and many more to be at the top. DigitalGlyde enables the clients to access data on demand regardless of their geographic location. We understand the cloud and how it works efficiently. We will build your data environment which can enable your team to use the data effectively.

We provide data as a Service so you don’t have deal with understanding the cloud and the options available underneath. What matters the most is use cases. We want you the customer to focus on use cases and we can take care of the data and the toolset needed to be able to work and extract intelligence out of data.

Digitalglyde and Data-as-a-Service

DigitalGlyde’sDaaS have the same benefits that come with any major Cloud-computing platform for handling large Dataset either in form of Big Data, Cloud Data, Google cloud datastore, aws database, olap & oltp.

Traditionally, most organizations are using data stored in a self-contained repository, for which software is specifically developed to access and present the data. One result of this paradigm is the bundling of both the data and the software needed to interpret it into a single package, sold as a consumer product. Data as a service can eliminate redundancy and streamline costs by housing critical data in one location, enabling the data to be accessed and/or updated by multiple users while ensuring a single point for updates.


Service Oriented Architecture or SOA, is what DigitalGlyde is providing which ensures the flexibility to access any business-critical data in a DaaS-powered Cloud service. Data can be accessed quickly because the architecture where the data is located is fairly simplistic. This also means that as the data structure needs shift, or geographical needs arise, the changes to data are incredibly easy to implement.

High Quality Data

Improved Data Quality is what we at DigitalGlyde helps our client’s to achieve. This is largely due to the fact that the bulk of data access is primarily controlled through the data service itself. This adds a robust layer of security and improved data quality.

Cost Effectiveness

As discussed earlier in Data Strategy the cost effective data strategy is using Cloud-based offering, DigitalGlyde’s DaaS space can easily help the client’s to deploy their data delivering applications in a way that off sets many of the costs associated with managing and housing these complex data sets in-house. For instance, one way providers help organizations save money is on the presentation layer of their interfaces and applications. They can build them in such a way that makes it easy to change location-based and organizational assets in a fluid way.


What is Data as a Service?

Data accessibility requires the right infrastructure, proper handling, scientific and statistical expertise, and creative strategy. This combination takes a great deal of knowledge, time, talent, and infrastructure. To make this data available organization-wide, regardless of geographic location and without draining capital budgets, many companies deploy a cloud-based strategy known as Data as a Service (DaaS).

How Data as a Service Providers Simplify the Complex?

Analytical analysis doesn’t just sound complex, it is complex, which is probably why so many people choose to keep their heads in the sand about how to wrangle all the data that’s available. The more data at your disposal, the more important advanced analytical analysis becomes. And yet, interpreting data is just one challenge. Before businesses can even get to that obstacle, there are other hurdles they have to conquer first.