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Computer Vision

Detect the text we need

Available for IOS and Android

Auto Detect text from Image

Easily get words out of an image with advanced auto text detection technology. Digital Image Data Extract helps you easily get words out of any invoice, cheque, etc. It uses our trained cloud text detection and automatically fill in the text details.
Image Data Extraction

We have been reading images with OCR, what is different now?

We have been reading images with OCR for so long, though now we are able to read human written text. OCR did not read human written text.

We have been reading credit cards/checks etc. extracting text why this?

It’s simple.. the time and money needed to do something like reading a credit card number from a credit card picture is high. Now it’s cheap to extract this information. By the use of the right technology we make it cheaper and easier to do all this.

Advanced features

Button Text


Computer Vision and NLP combined together produces great results and when integrated into things like Quickbooks and ERP systems like SAP does wonders.


Access to your images to keep a track of your invoices, etc.

Machine Learning

Our solution is a perfect example of machine learning, start something new and it will learn automatically. It will start producing results at the second image, though true machine learning results are only available after min 100 images, but we use Augmented Analytics to enhance the results