Agile Development

We provide a methodology for Aigle Development creating a mixture of teams



From Staff Aug to setting up your software factory

Digital Innovation

What is Innovation

  • Make an impact to the business positively
  • Use the technologies to your benefit
  • Innovate, think differently
  • Out of the Box
  • Cultural shift
  • Protective to Disruptive
  • Disruption to your benefit
  • Small Team
  • Quick results
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Use cloud to your benefit in innovation

  • Quick turnaround on Innovation
  • Data As A Service
  • Analytics As A Service
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Strategy in Cloud
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Focus on what we know the best

  • SAP – a lot of you already have it, harness what you have
  • AWS – amazing stuff coming out which makes it faster to implement
  • Microsoft (Azure) – you almost already have it, extend it
  • GCP (Google) – ML First thinking all over
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Experience and Expertise

  • Accelerators – we use the products as a fast way to implement your project
  • Experince – with the products we have already played with and used the technologies
  • Expertise – we have the staff available that can use the cloud to deliver solutions
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