Agile Development

We provide a methodology for Aigle Development creating a mixture of teams



From Staff Aug to setting up your software factory

Custom Solution Development

Democratization of the technologies

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Strategy Edifice
  • Digital Transformation Vigilance
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Staff Augmentation Services

Data as a Service

DigitalGlyde and Data-as-a-Service


Service Oriented Architecture or SOA, is what DigitalGlyde is providing which ensures the flexibility to access any business-critical data in a DaaS-powered Cloud service.

High Quality Data

Improved Data Quality is what we at DigitalGlyde helps our client’s to achieve. This is largely due to the fact that the bulk of data access is primarily controlled through the data service itself.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost effective data strategy is using Cloud-based offering, DigitalGlyde’s DaaS space can easily help the client’s to deploy their data delivering applications

Analytics as a Service

Analyze, Predict, Build & Grow

  • Analytics As Business Solution
  • AaaSas Business Value
  • DigitalGlyde and AaaS
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Cloud Data Strategy

Charting a High-Level course of action

Data Management

DigitalGlyde ensure that the client’s company/business have a well laid out Data Strategy plan that seeks to transform the current state…

DigitalGlyde for Data-Driven

DigitalGlyde helps clients/Businesses to adopted a data-driven culture and put efforts to explore the underlying relationships…

Cloud Adoption

As the industries move towards Data Strategy and Data Governance, cloud adoption is essential to achieve the goal of the industries.

Cloud as Data Strategy

As cloud enables Big Data Analytics at scale, it is a popular computing platform for larger businesses who want the benefits…

Digital Innovation

Innovating your way to Grow

Digital innovation is the heart of every organization. One need to digitize internal operations to do things better, faster, and cheaper; finding new ways to engage users; and bringing new products and services to market.

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Digital Oil Field

Digitizing Oil Industry

Many Benefits

  • And the point of all this? Timely information leads to better decisions and productivity gains
  • Cost savings are tangible. Shell believes that the value of its ‘Smart Fields’ implementation over a five-year period was US$ 5 billion
  • Lower costs, more efficient reservoir management and fewer mistakes during well drilling will in turn raise profits
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Cloud Adoption

A Strategic Move

Cloud Adoption is a strategic move by organizations of reducing cost, mitigating risk and achieving scalability of data base capabilities. Cloud adoption may be up to various degrees in an organization, depending on the depth of adoption. In fact, the depth of adoption yields insight into the maturity of best practices, enterprise-ready cloud services availability.

  • Step1: Assess
  • Step2: Plan
  • Step3: Adopt
  • Step4: Optimize

Cloud Security

Cloud Security is a completely new animal and how to tame it is an art. Don’t be left out there exposed, contact us.

Breaking down Cloud Security

Cloud security is essential for the many users who are concerned about the safety of the data they store in the cloud.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing by definition encompasses all marketing efforts both offline or online that use any electronic medium, electronic devices or the internet.

Marketing Strategy

As described above a correct media for marketing is very important for showcasing your product to the world to capture attention of potential customers.

DigitalGlyde for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing or any Marketing which has evolved through the years doesn’t just limit themselves to know their customers

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Operational Control Center

We can provide a lot of different types of resources to do remote monitoring.

Security Camera Monitoring

Do you want monitoring services 24/7 on your facility. We can even add computer vision and make it smarter to detect something that you want to detect.

Well Monitoring Services

Want to get a gauge monitored and an alert sent, may be even watch the dashboard for some alarms. Want to make sure a human pays attention to something and takes and action.