Governor Abbott wants every child in Texas to have internet access. With $200 million to make that happen and another $200 million from school districts. The question is: how do you get over a million computers and Wi-Fi Hotspots to the students who need them?

Gabriella Rowe who leads Operation Connectivity had to solve the logistical challenge of coordinating orders and deliveries a million devices to a million students across a thousand Texas independent school districts. 

With schools starting Rowe found a partner, Digital Glyde who brought different cloud technologies together to give Operation Connectivity and the ISD’s a system that solved the problem in weeks not months.

“We are proud to be Operation Connectivity’s partner bringing digital connectivity to Texas students.” Varun Garg, CEO Digital Glyde

Most Texas students already have their laptops and hotspots. Other states are trying to catch up.

Kirk Osborn

Kirk Osborn

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