"One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions."



“Ensuring environmental integrity of natural gas pipelines is critical to safely heat and power our homes. Together, Audubon & Digital Glyde designed and developed state of the art technology that equip our inspection teams improving performance and accuracy to help our clients deliver safe affordable energy.”
– Hayden Hawkins, Audubon Director – Inspection & Strategic Development

Audubon teams make thousands of measurements every across the globe ensuring critical infrastructure.

Digital Glyde is helping Audubon achieve this mission.

Phase 1: Equipped Audubon field inspectors with a mobile app improving both speed and accuracy with a user interface so intuitive there is zero learning curve.

Phase 2: Included a customer portal where Audubon’s clients can monitor progress via several analytics capabilities including geospatial analysis.

Phase 3: Included materials handling and identification of key MTR (Material Test Report) details from hundreds of documents and multiple vendors.

Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure, Azure storage, Xamarin, SQL Server, Node.JS, Image Data Extract from Digital Glyde (Vision API, NLP and various other ML models), React based dashboard.



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