Need an extra boost to scale your operations? Digital Glyde’s Staff Augmentation approach offers a flexible and efficient solution for businesses seeking to enhance their IT capabilities, overcome skill gaps, and accelerate project delivery. 


Key points for choosing Digital Glyde’s Team Augmentation approach

Support for In-House Development Team

Situation: Even high-performing in-house teams may need additional support or expertise to meet deadlines or address specific challenges.
Benefit: Staff Augmentation allows businesses to seamlessly integrate additional skilled professionals into their existing teams.

Utilizing In-House Technical Leadership

Situation: Organizations with in-house technical leadership may require execution capabilities to translate concepts into reality.
Benefit: Engaging with Digital Glyde’s experts allows companies to implement ambitious IT plans with the support of seasoned professionals.

Acceleration of In-House Projects

Situation: Projects might require extra specialists to expedite delivery.
Benefit: Staff Augmentation facilitates the quick mobilization of skilled resources, helping organizations maintain project momentum and meet deadlines.

Rapid Recruitment Without Prolonged Processes

Situation: Businesses aiming for speed and time-to-market advantages.
Benefit: By leveraging Staff Augmentation, Digital Glyde enables swift access to qualified professionals without the delays associated with traditional recruitment processes.

Addressing Skill Gaps

Situation: Complex IT projects may demand specific skills that are not available in-house.
Benefit: Digital Glyde’s augmentation services effectively bridge skill gaps, ensuring that projects have the necessary expertise to overcome challenges.

Short or Mid-Term Engagements

Situation: Projects with limited timeframes and a need for urgent results.
Benefit: The cost-effective Staff Augmentation framework is particularly suitable for short or mid-term engagements, providing quick and efficient solutions.

Benefits of Digital Glyde’s Team Augmentation

Cost Efficency

Benefit: Partnering with Digital Glyde eliminates concerns about infrastructure costs, as the company provides robust hardware, cybersecurity measures, and top-tier software development resources. 

Zero Recruitment Risk

Benefit: Digital Glyde’s pool of professionals allows for swift onboarding, mitigating the risks associated with traditional recruitment processes. 

Fast Access to Skills

Benefit: Outsourcing IT initiatives to Digital Glyde facilitates quick access to diverse skills without incurring additional costs related to office space, equipment, and amenities.

Full Control

Benefit: The Staff Augmentation model provides clients with complete control over the development process, allowing them to set goals and prioritize tasks according to business needs. 

Digital Glyde’s Delivery Models to suit your needs

On Site

We can provide resources onsite to work with your team to perform different functions, such as augmenting expertise, providing expertise, temporary backfilling a position, adding additional project resources, and increasing capacity. Our onsite resources are individual contributors who can help you with mundane and repetitive tasks, as well as more complex projects.


We also have resources available remotely that can be added to your team at lightning speed. Our remote resources can help you scale up or down at a rapid pace, without the need for space in your building or hardware provisioning. We can help you with capacity management, mundane tasks, and repetitive tasks. 


Our hybrid delivery model is our sweet spot. We can create a combination of onsite and remote resources that will ensure your delivery is completed on time and budget. This model is ideal for cost management, high volume of work, day and night execution, speed to market, and optimization of resources. 

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