From single printed documents to millions of digital documents processed annually, Digital Glyde’s Patent Pending Digital Image Data Extract can help you easily extract specific data seamlessly out of any printed document or digital file format. Digital Image Data Extract uses cloud-based machine learning and customized intelligence to automate your business flow.


Digital Glyde – Data Automation

Locate, extract and organize essential data from structured and unstructured sources. Digital Data Extract allows users to extract data from PDFs, TXT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF forms, handwritten text, and more.

Digital Data Extract allows users to scan/scrape multiple data sources simultaneously. When used in combination with Digital Glyde’s integrated algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions, this scraped data can be used to streamline operations, reduce costs, and verify ROI.

Digital Glyde – Data Mining

Digital Glyde’s Data Mining process selects and explores data to uncover previously unknown patterns and historical trends, which can be used to predict outcomes and develop future models.

The Process of Data Mining:

Data Aggregation and Preparation involves creating rules and workflows to cleanse the relevant data.

Exploratory Data Analysis formulates the data to identify patterns for further testing.

Modeling and Deployment of Models uses analytics to determine models and predictions. Flexible competing analytical models like decision trees, logistic reasoning, rule induction and neural networks, can be applied to test multiple data sets and configurations at an enterprise scale. Monitoring the performance of these models help ensure the deployment of advance analytical models at scale.

Digital Glyde – Data Integration

“Clean” data can be integrated into cloud-based servers or enterprise applications, to quickly make informed critical decisions and predict future trends.

Digital Glyde’s Data Integration helps increase operational efficiency by bringing data together into a unified view. This data can then be easily analyzed to provide valuable insights, and develop logistics to build a common data model for future data integrations.


Want to test drive a simplified version of Digital Glyde’s Digital Image Extract? Download it free today. This trial version will allow you to manually scan, categorize and export digital data (receipts, business cards, invoices, etc.) directly to/from your mobile device.

Download our FREE trial of Digital Image Data Extract today to preview a few of the standard features. 


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