Pyplan allows you to connect to and automate data sources. Process data, plan and simulate scenarios. Easily create and share interactive apps.

Among its most prominent features you will find:

  • Assisted drag and drop graphical programming.
  • Visual Influence Diagram to represent logic flow.
  • Easy creation of interactive user interfaces.
  • Empowered collaboration by one click publishing and sharing.
  • Secure and scalable with corporate standards.
  • On cloud or on-premise deployment.


Enhance your Sales Planning – Implementing State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Improve demand forecasting accuracy.
  • Boost inter-area collaboration.
  • Significantly reduce planning process time.

Work Together, Move Smart and Fast – Synchronize Operations

  • Make smart decisions fast in a changing environment.
  • Build company-wide consensus with a collaborative scenario management.
  • Orchestrate every player in your extended business.

Drive Business Performance – By Aligning Strategy with Financial and Operational Planning

  • Enrich business decisions with financial and operational insights.
  • Evolve to support growth and new business requirements.
  • Reinforce all decision-making processes through a holistic view.


Budgeting & Control

Our comprehensive platform allows you to transform budgeting and control activities into value-adding processes, identifying opportunities and assessing risks. In addition, with our simulation tool you will be able to evaluate in real time the resource implications of each decision process.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

Bring sales, supply chain and finance planning and analysis processes together with flexibility and control. Collaborate with information and insights to drive continuous planning and performance management across the organization with a single, intelligent platform.

HR Planning

Gain insights to accurately plan human resource needs, helping to reduce costs and increase service levels. Anticipate resource requirements and organize workloads taking into account the different variables that affect production.

Financial Consolidation

Use our platform to develop applications that allow you to execute financial consolidation tailored to your company’s needs. Collect and centralize information from multiple data sources, consolidate data and create reports of results for internal and external stakeholders.


Coca Cola Andina

Andina S.A. is a holding company dedicated primarily to the production, distribution  and marketing of Coca-Cola products through operations in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The operations of Andina in Argentina currently cover several provinces, spanning a total of 1.9 million km2, which represents 68% of the Argentine territory and a population of 18 million people, accounting for 41% of the country’s total population.

For Coca Cola Andina, an Integrated Business Planning Model was developed that allows to quickly generate the Business Plan, allowing to answer key business questions, such as: How much is the marginal contribution per Business Unit, in which production plant is it more profitable to produce, from which distribution center is it more convenient to supply every region, etc.

This tool radically streamlined the planning process by making it easier to create scenarios and allowing budget forecasts to be updated when each scenario is changed.



Since 2012, we have been providing support to this Portuguese energy holding for all its assets in Brazil: eighteen generation plants, two distribution companies, one transmission company, two retailers and two service companies with presence in eleven states of the Latin American giant.

The planning system implemented for EDP Brazil is used monthly to develop the budget forecast, as well as for long-term analysis. The implementation of this solution solved two major challenges inherent to companies with size like EDP’s: on one hand, the need for a single, robust, agile and accurate system that contains the information of all its subsidiaries and on the other hand, the efficient and accurate financial consolidation of all group companies considering intercompany accounts, shareholdings, eliminations, etc. Thanks to the effectiveness of the developed solution, the tool is also a key pillar for long-term strategic financial decision-making.

Panama Canal


Supported by the Pyplan Platform, for the Panama Canal a Route Competitiveness Assessment and Pricing Model was developed. With the new tool the Panama Canal was able to optimize its Tolls Schedule paid by many different types of vessels traversing the Canal.

The implemented model is based on the calculation of transportation costs for more than 1,000 maritime routes that link the origin and destination of 200 ports around the world.