A Deep Dive into Power Portals Site Checker

Power Portals Site Checker a powerful tool within the Microsoft Power Platform that empowers businesses to monitor their websites proactively. In this article, we’ll explore the capabilities of Power Portals Site checker.

Site Checker is a self-service diagnostic tool. It is used by the administrator, to detect common issues on the website. Site Checker helps to diagnose the issues with a website by looking at various configuration parameters and provides suggestions on how to fix them.
To run Site Checker:

  1. Open the Power Platform admin center.
  2. Under the Resources section, select Power Pages sites.
  3. Select your website.

4. In the Site Health section, select Run in the Site Checker panel to see the results as below.

The results grid has the following columns shown in the screenshot above.

    • Issue: Displays the top-level issue, faced by a customer; for example, performance issue.
    • Category: Displays the top-level area where issues are to be categorized, for example, provisioning or solution upgrade.
    • Result: Displays the status of the issues, for example, error or warning.

By default, information in the grid is sorted by the Result column in this order: error, warning, and pass as shown below.

We can expand an issue to view detailed information and mitigation steps and even provide feedback on whether the mitigation was beneficial, as shown in the screenshot below.

To rerun the diagnostic checks, select Refresh results, which will refresh the results with updated data. Certain diagnostic checks will not run if the website is turned-off or IP address filtering is enabled. Let’s see how common security issues mitigated using the site checker.

Content security policy configuration is a common security warning shown in the screenshot below.

Please refer to the following article Content Security Policy, for more details on content security policy configuration.

A site setting is created in Power Pages management portal to mitigate the issue shown in the screenshot below.

After running site checker, we can see the result of the issue as ‘Pass’ shown in the screenshot below.

Power Portals Site Checker is a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their online presence. By automating the monitoring process, we not only save time and resources but also gain the ability to address potential issues swiftly, ensuring your Power Apps portal is a reliable and high-performing asset for your organization.