Digital Property Management

The digital age has transformed everything that we do on a daily basis, from shopping to managing businesses. You can find an app for everything including property management. 

When you are a landlord or property manager, it can be hard keeping up with issues that arise with your properties, or things that need to be resolved. Do you ever wish that you had a one-stop tool that allowed you to manage all your properties, communicate with tenants, or access a nearby handyman for emergency maintenance requests? 

The answer: a Digital Property Management app. This is a property management software that helps you track and manage everything from rent/lease renewals to expenses on the property. With the click of a finger, you can send emails to tenants regarding the expiration of their lease, check on the status of a handyman for the apartment with the leaking faucet, and track the daily monthly, and yearly cash-flow information of all your properties.

Everyone is connected

With the Digital Property Management App, everyone is connected in one platform, property management companies, landlords, homeowners, tenants, handymen, or other types of service providers. It is easier for everyone to be kept in the loop and notified of the status of service requests, quotes, or sharing images of issues with the property.

This platform allows everyone to communicate through chat and image sharing. You don’t have to wait until you get back to the office to download images, receipts, invoices, or checks. With one click of a button, everything is available to you right from your dashboard. 

Understanding the importance

Staying connected and communicating is a high priority when you are a landlord or property manager. There are times where you may forget to check on an issue or resolve an issue with your property, nobody’s perfect. With a property management software app, you can plan, schedule, and keep track of service requests, tenants late with the rent, and more.


  • Homeowners can see the number of expenses versus the income and check on their tenants.
  • Property managers and landlords can see who is late with the rent, how many vacancies you have, how many occupants you have, and pull up images regarding service requests or tenant issues.
  • Tenants can see expenses, information on a property, or send a service request and upload images directly to the landlord or management company from the app.
  • Handymen and service providers can see and schedule service requests.

Why you need a Digital Property Management software App?

This app is designed to maximize renter experience, manage all areas of property maintenance, and eliminate the need to keep records or receipts. You can set appointments, receive service quotes, and manage tenants all from one app. It is easy to use and access, and you can have multiple users under the same account. 


When it comes to managing your properties, it’s important to be able to communicate with others and have documents and data available to you to easily track and manage, without piles of paperwork. You can eliminate the main problems that property managers and landlords deal with and track all of your tasks in real-time. The best part is that everything can be done right from your mobile phone. 

Varun Garg

Varun Garg

A tenured architect and technologist with a proven track record of leading companies into the future. With a firm affinity for technology, ensure organizations are leveraging the latest and greatest technical advancements to impact all levels of business and operations. A thought-leader and business influencer, have built a strong reputation for transforming companies and teams through the use of technology and data. Through the use of machine learning, able to change the vision and direction of companies due to enhanced functions and operations.