SBA just published the PPP loan dataset. There are so many ways to dice and slide data for PPP. Our team spent some time to take this data into SAC and create a few visualizations to see what sectors took the most money and which months.

THIS PUBLICATION ONLY DISPLAYS THE DATA FOR LOANS GREATER THAN 150k. If you need complete analysis, contact us.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a Analytics tool provided by SAP and is a very powerful tool for analyzing the data and creating an intelligent enterprise.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Our team has been using SAP Analytics cloud for a few different applications its been developing. We find the Planning feature extremely powerful and useful to an enterprise. SAP like other products build them with an Enterprise mindset and make sure they are ready for the enterprise customers with the right security model and other integration features.

My team tool the datasets from SBA site and imported the datasets into SAC and merged it with other data like the NAICS code descriptions and also the location attributes.

The PPP program started on 4/3/2020 and is still going on. It was really interesting how some of the distribution changes over the 3 months the plan has been on.

PP April

If you look at the distribution of money in April, you can see Chase was clearly the largest distributor of loans and Bank of America was like 5th.

Loan Disbursement BankJPM/Chase, followed by Truist, PNC, KeyBankBank of America, JPM, Well fargo, US BankKabbage Inc, Celtic, Cross River, BOAJPM/Chase, Bank of America, PNC, Truist, KeyBank
Sector Paid MostConstruction, Health Care, Professional, ManufacturingHealth Care, Professional, Construction, ManufacturingHealth Care, Accommodation/Food Service, Professional, ConstructionConstruction, Health Care, Professional, Manufacturing
Sector with Highest Per Job PaymentMining/O&G, Professional, Information, ConstructionInformation, Finance, Professional, Wholesale TradeManagement of Companies, Finance, Mining, Real EstateMining/O&G, Professional, Information, Finance
PPP June

Its interesting to see how different banks and industries joined this and how they benefited them. We also have analysis of the complete data available.

Data Provides so many insights and there are a lot more insights into the exact companies who took the money and what they do etc that we plan to run on this data. If you are interested contact us:

Trilok Veligeti

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